For Referrers

Mr Goldbloom accepts referrals from General Practitioners (GPs) and other Health care Professionals such as podiatrists, physiotherapists or medical specialists. Referrals can be submitted to Mr Goldbloom using our online referral form, by phone, via mail or provided to the patient. We prefer the referral is received either prior to or at the time the appointment is made. This is so extra scans or other relevant information can be obtained.

We kindly ask that you inform your patients to bring all relevant paperwork and investigations to their first consultation. Click here to read what patients need to bring for their first appointment.

Theatre Observation

Mr Goldbloom welcomes professional observers to his theatre sessions. If you would like to follow up on a patient that you have referred or are interested in observing surgery on a specific condition please call his rooms on 0493 051 985 to enquire.

Urgent Referrals

Please contact Mr Goldbloom’s rooms directly on 0493 051 985 to discuss any urgent referrals.


Our Foot and Ankle Injury Clinic is designed to accommodate patients suffering from a recent injury that will most likely require ongoing allied health treatment rather than surgery.

Heel Pain Clinic

Our Heel Pain Clinic is suitable for patients that have presented with plantar fasciitis, Achilles' tendinopathy and generalised heel pain where no cause has been identified. This Clinic is designed for patients that are yet to have had any allied health input such as podiatry or physiotherapy.


Referrers who have used our online referral form will receive a confirmation email and a PDF copy of their referral.

All referrers will receive a letter by post summarising your patient’s visit and treatment plan. If you have not received this then please let us know as letters can go amiss!

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Goldbloom. His team will ensure he gets back to you promptly. Mr Goldbloom knows the importance of being contactable for ease of the referral process and continuity of patient care.

(FAX) 03 9960 2774