Mr Goldbloom treats foot and ankle injuries in patients whose care falls under Transport Accident Commission (TAC) or WorkCover.

Prior to making an appointment with Mr Goldbloom

  1. Our acceptance of TAC and WorkCover referrals is based on a current claim number and details of your case manager. Your employer must lodge a new workover claim first or you must contact TAC to commence a new claim.
  2. Obtain a referral from your General Practitioner (GP), Health Care Professional such as Podiatrists, Physiotherapists or Medical Specialist. We prefer the referral is received either prior to or at the time the appointment is made. This is so any extra scans or other relevant information can be obtained.
  3. If you have any questions, or wish to make an appointment please call 0493 051 985.


If your injury needs surgical treatment, you will bear no out of pocket cost for the operation. Our team require written acceptance of liability for the cost before we can book your surgical procedure.

If you have a current claim number, we can bill TAC or WorkCover directly for your consultation. If your claim number cannot be supplied on the day of your consultation, you must pay in full. Most of the time, this account can be claimed through WorkCover or TAC by the patient.

Most imaging or investigations you require are billed directly to TAC or WorkCover. Sometimes this will need to be checked with your case manager before having them done.

TAC and WorkCover usually fund all your post-operative rehabilitation such as physiotherapy. In some cases, if all the routine funding has been used, special applications may be required for more funding. Mr Goldbloom can assist in completing the required paperwork for this.