Rehab for Mid Calf Lengthening

Our team will walk you through your rehabilitation program after surgery. This table is a guide and changes may be required depending on your progress.

Week Exercises Boot Weight bearing Returning to Pre-Surgical Function Other
0-2 Hip and knee active ROM exercises Plaster cast/Splint Touch Weight bear Staying home with the foot elevated above heart level for 23 hours a day Sleeping with foot at plantargrade (right angle)
2-4 Hip, knee band resisted exercises. Toe AROM – wriggling, flexing, extending. Ankle AROM and isometrics minimising ankle DF Begin physio guided calf/soleus stretching, balance and gait retraining. Theraband resisted ankle DF, PF, inv, ev. DL heel raises progressing to SL Regular footwear/ removable controlled motion boot Weight bear as tolerated Return to work – sedentary occupation. Sleeping with foot at plantargrade (right angle) Sutures removed at 2 weeks
4-6 Continue exercises as above Add further weight bearing strengthening for calf (both gastroc and soleus strength) Full weight bear Return to light duties – labour intensive occupation Sleeping with foot at plantargrade (right angle)
6-8 Physio guided balance and gait retraining. Continue exercises as above. Increase walking distance towards normal at 8 weeks
8-10** Return to controlled weight bearing activities (eg. stationary bike, swimming, elliptical). Dynamic balance and plyometric training (eg. hopping, skipping etc) May return to full duties (clinical assessment required)
10-12* Gradual return to pre-surgery activities and sport.
12+ Continue to progress as above.

This rehabilitation plan was developed by Mr Goldbloom in conjunction with Physiotherapists Brodie Leonard-Shannon and Brendan Mason from Back in Motion, Aspendale Gardens.

The information provided here is for general educational purposes only. Please contact Mr Goldbloom's rooms to discuss if surgery is appropriate for your situation.